SSA and SG figs and starter kits to sell

Selling some Skylanders? This is the spot...

SSA and SG figs and starter kits to sell

Postby Camulus75 » Fri Oct 17, 2014 6:33 pm

Didn't quite know where else to pose this question. Seemed the best place to post.

My daughter wants to sell off her Skylanders. She has most from SSA and fair amount from Giants.She also has Starter kits including the Battlegrounds iOS starter kit to sell. Was wondering if anyone could give me some guidance on how much to ask for them. Just want to make sure I ask for a fair price.
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Re: SSA and SG figs and starter kits to sell

Postby Orion's Islands » Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:54 pm

Hmmmm. I have some experience with this. To give you a quick sum up: I bought about 25 Skylanders and a Giants starter pack from a guy on Craig's List for @$100. We kept about 5 of them we needed (Including Boomer!)and I brought the rest to a local Gaming/Video store. The general logic went like this: The standard Skylander sells for @$10. They will resell them for @$7-8. They need to make a profit so I charged them $3 per skylander, (I think @6 for Giants) I sold them the starter for @10-15. I got about $80 from them (So I paid about $4 /per Skylander for the ones we kept).
So my advice is to put them up for sale as a group on Craig's List for roughly the above listed numbers, You could take them to Gamestop as they have just restarted buying used Skylanders and see what they will offer you, Walk into any Mom n' Pop Video/Gaming Stores in your area and make them an offer (I broke down my numbers on a Post It Note, asked for the manager and had a relaxed conversation with some minimal haggling-lol).
A final thought, if you have any obviously rare or variant Skylanders, you would likely do better to offer them separately. Listing them on this forum may not be a bad idea, some could be traded here I guess at the very least, this group will certainly know if it is something rare or special. Checking e-bay and Amazon is also a resource for getting a feel for the high end cost. You may want to take a digital picture of your guys and post it up here.
I have minimal experience with trading in other venues so I'm at the end of my experience there.
Best of luck...
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Re: SSA and SG figs and starter kits to sell

Postby mr_grizzly » Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:40 am

What figures do you have from Giants (ones with an orange base), and do you know if any of them are legendary, lightcore, series 2, etc.?
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Re: SSA and SG figs and starter kits to sell

Postby wantGhostroaster2 » Tue Oct 21, 2014 8:37 am

There wouldn't happen to be a S2 Bash in that lot by chance?
I am assuming not but if so I am sure a lot of people need it
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