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Selling some Skylanders? This is the spot...

Classified Rules

Postby Admin » Tue Sep 02, 2014 1:14 am

Before you post a "For Sale" or "Wanted" Ad, you must first post an introduction in the "Introductions" Forum. These ads are intended for individual fans only, not commercial entities.

You must also provide a description of the item/items being sold and a price.

As with all things, this is BUYER BEWARE. We assume no responsibility for failed transactions, burns/scams, or the like. We are merely providing a forum for fans to interact and we hope that those interactions are always pleasant.

Be forewarned that just below the "For Sale" and "Wanted" Forums we have a "Buyer/Seller Feedback" Forum. If you are trying to scam people, it will be reported by the forum member and others will know not to buy from you. Treat everyone decent, be true to your word, and enjoy the Skylanders community.

The vast majority of people are good and upstanding, but always be leery. Also be warned that this is a fan site...if you have crazy high prices you will probably get ridiculed for it.
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