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Nintendo Switch: The All Purpose Topic

Postby 1ofWiisdom » Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:39 am


Well, today is the day...Nintendo will finally be doing a proper reveal on the Nintendo Switch! The presentation will start at 10 PM CST and you can watch along here:

What are your thoughts? Is this a Day 1 buy, something you'll get as soon as you have the cash, or are you going to hold out for holiday bundles, or a lower price? I kind of feel I got burned on both the Wii U and XB1 launch...full price, no discounts, no freebies, and no bundle. I may very well wait on this one, although a new Mario Kart or Mario Galaxy 3 could certainly sway that decision...


Launch Date: March 3rd, 2017 - Worldwide :D
Launch Price: $299.99
Online Services:
-Multiplayer Gaming via Smart Device
--Set play appointment, chat with friends, etc.
---Try for free during trial after launch, then paid service fall 2017

No Region Locking...about time

Dry pun (switching to another guy) ha, ha, hahaha

Switch inherited DNA from each of the previous hardware platforms
-Highlights previous advances
-Still no Waluigi announcement
--This is 2017
-Jazz beat snap with every "switch"...better be a feature
-Play at home and on-the-go

3 Modes of Play

-TV Mode
--Play on TV in typical video game style

-Tabletop Mode
--Stand up with kickstand and use via joycon...allows 2P away from TV

-Handheld Mode
--Attach L&R anywhere and share joy (only if you win)

Battery and Power

-Battery 2.5-6.5 hours (great estimate)
-Charge with USB Type C and included AC Adapter
-Capacitive touch screen
-Connect via WiFi
-Up to 8 Switches connected for maximum switchcraft (see what I did there...jazz snap!)
--3 Play styles are more active and greater freedom
--More switch puns...


-Controllers are important, details JoyCon
--JoyCon with JoyCon grip for TV Mode
---Two loose JoyCons for Table Top Mode
----Analog Stick also button tap...A-B-X-Y and Home Button
----NFC Reader/Writer for amiibo
-----Square Button=Screen Shot Capture...future for video captures
------Share grabs over social media
------Accelerometer and gyro sensors in each JoyCon
------Two buttons in rail that connect to L and R Buttons
-------Allows each as fully functioning individual controller; Sharing the Joy dry humor
--Touts 2 controllers from the in palm of hand and feel natural (but I have big hands)
---Guy gets comfy on white modern couch
-JoyCon Variants Neon Blue and Neon Red
--JoyCon the Wiimote...I want to break a tv with the joycon
-IR Camera: Rock, Paper, and Scissors
--Rumble and sound to convey conditions and actions (wind, ice cubes in a cup)
---New sense of realism via HD Rumble
---JazzSnap! New sensing and vibrating = new expression
---More than traditional controls...invites everyone to new world of entertainment

2 New Games

Game #1: 1-2 Switch
--Western Gunslingers on screen for quickdraw in 1-2 Switch
--Looks like Switch version of Wii Sports and Nintendo Land
--Play without any screen...look at eyes of opponent
---Ice Breaker and Party for all by way of JoyCon...launch title (should be included imo)

Game #2: Arms
-Looks like Rock'em Sock'em Robots with Punch Out and Wii Sports set in a Pokemon arena
-Fighting sports game using extendable arms to battle: mixes boxing and shooting
-One JoyCon in each hand in thumbs up position...twist fist for curved punch etc.
-Dash and Jump to perform a variety of actions
--Play solo vs computer, or split screen vs friends, online battles coming....releases this Spring

(Switch Pun & Jazz Snap)

Splatoon 2

Splattoon with really painfully gimicky music
-Poor employee forced into gimicky reveal for his work, lol...changes to squid world :s
--Splat Duallys...shoot ink from each hand and propel upwards to out manuever opponents
---New special weapons and new battle maps
--Play with JoyCon or Pro Controller...or hand held
--Splatoon 2 is planned for Summer 2017

(Switch Pun & Jazzz Snap)

Super Mario Odyssey

-Mario in the Big City...looks like open world and Grand Theft Auto coupled with Galaxy like enviroments
-Amazing Bowser as King Pin!
--So much shown I have no clue what I am watching...Mario Party, Galaxy 3, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, who knows
-Mario Odyssey revealed as title
-Theme: Journey to an unknown world...outside of Mushroom Kingdom...
--Landscapes loook familar to real world
--Eyes on Mario's cap offers action only experienced on Switch
---Important role in Mario's journey
--20 Years since Mario 64...super exciting for devs
-Releases Holiday 2017

Third Party Showcase

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 & Fire Emblem Warriors
-Japaneese RPGs with great visuals and anime-esque voice overs

3rd Pary Partners
-80 Games in Development
--Square Enix=Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI and Heroes I-II and unnamed game
--Atlus=25th Anniversary of Shin Megami Tensei
(Switch Pun & Jazz Snap)
--Sega=consider new games & present them hardware impressive
-Skyrim coming to Nintendo Switch, excited about home and on-the-go...excited to finally work with Nintendo

(Switch Pun & Jazz Snap)

--Grasshopper=Travis Touchdown, title TBD
(Switch Pun & Jazz Snap)
--Electronic Arts=FIFA later this year
(Switch Snap...Game Clips...Jazzy Music)

-Motion Control in Minecraft would be sweet!

New Colors of JoyCon


-Include: Switch Console, L&R JoyCon, Wrist Straps, JoyCon Grip, Switch Dock, HDMI Cable, and an AC Adapter
-Pro Controller available separately
-2 versions
--1 with Grey and 1 with Neon Blue and Red JoyCons...same MSRP
-More details on Switch website after presentation

Nintendo EU and American to share messages

(Switch Snap)

-Europe: Good Morning, excited for you to know about Switch and thanks people for getting up so very early
--EU Media invited to play Switch: Frankfurt, Paris, and Norway
---Trial dates for regular folks coming...check website

(Switch Snap)

-Reggie in NY
--Getting ready to show Switch off tomorrow
---Switch on display 6 Sundays in 6 different cities
----Really, that's all? Lame sauce x10
-New ways to play, JoyCons, and the sells hardware
-Soundtrack for LoZ Breath of the Wild
--It'll be at NY tomorrow...employees playing right now
---Launches ??? Back to Tokoyo

(No Switch Snap?!)

-Tokoyo will come back to question in a second
--Hands-on in Tokoyo, takes pre-order reservations starting 1/21 in Japan
---Hopes they have shown enough to earn your more thing to share
----LoZ Breath of the Wild trailer: March 3, 2017

Broadcast ends with no mention of Waluigi...therefore, it was disappointing

Updated Info

New Games

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe launches April 28th

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - Collector's Editions and amiibo

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Special Edition
-Game, Soundtrack (CD), Map, Coin, Carrying Case

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Master Edition
-Game, Soundtrack (CD), Map, Coin, Carrying Case, AND Mini Master Sword Replica

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild amiibo:
-Bokoblin, Link Archer, Link Rider, and Zelda

Skylanders Imaginators

-Available for Pre-Order Now!

Peripheral Pricing

JoyCon: $49.99
Two JoyCons: $79.99
JoyCon Charging Station: $29.99
Pro Controller: $69.99
Nintendo Switch Dock Set: $89.99

My Thoughts: The only periphereal that doesn't seem super high is the JoyCon, but realistically I would have pegged it at $30-40 max, regardless of the technology. If you are buying a JoyCon, you already have a Switch etc. There is also a wheel, but I left it off because there was no image and I have no clue what it is, lol.

Online Services

(Copied directly from Nintendo's Website - Linked here with chart)

"Online Play on Nintendo Switch You’ll be able to play compatible co-op and competitive games online by signing in with your Nintendo Account. Online play will be free for Nintendo Account holders until our paid online service launches in fall 2017. After the free-trial period, most games will require a paid online service subscription from Nintendo in order to play online. This service is only for Nintendo Switch. It does not affect Wii U or Nintendo 3DS systems or online play. Online lobby and voice chat Our new dedicated smart device app will connect to Nintendo Switch and let you invite friends to play online, set play appointments, and chat with friends during online matches in compatible games─all from your smart device. A free, limited version of this app will be available for download in summer 2017. Monthly game download Subscribers will get to download and play a Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES) or Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ (Super NES) game (with newly-added online play) for free for a month. Exclusive deals Special offers for subscribers may include discounts on select digital games and content. Make the most of your Nintendo Switch The paid service lets you take your gaming up a notch with online multiplayer and exclusive benefits. Standard online features such as system and game updates will be free for all Nintendo Switch users. To access any of your system’s online services, you’ll need a Nintendo Account. Create one today so you’ll be ready when Nintendo Switch launches."

-My Thoughts: It is basically Xbox Live. It is a great addition, but sad we have to pay for it. The free games are a nice touch, but are they pre-selected, user's choice, and what happens if you don't you lose access to the "free" games you got while paying, or are they forever your own to play any time?
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Re: Nintendo Switch: The All Purpose Topic

Postby Omenix » Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:08 pm

It all depends on launch titles. I have been putting away funds since the 1st trailer, and got a fairly sizable gift card for christmas to make the deal sweeter, but the fact of the matter is if there are no games to interest me I'll simply keep those savings until there are. I very much await the information today, but at the time I'm working so I'll only see it a few hours after.
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Re: Nintendo Switch: The All Purpose Topic

Postby Orion's Islands » Tue Jan 17, 2017 6:20 am

We attempted to put in a pre-order at Gamestop but our local store only had the red/blue handled units for preorder left.
We attempted to hit another branch the next day was sold out. I liked the layaway idea as a mechanism for a structured payment plan/reminder.
Funny thing is...after digesting the available information more...I think we may have lucked out. Waiting may be the best option.
Why? you might ask...Well...
from least to most significant:
1. No titles that we are dying to play available at release.
2. Price isn't bad but not stellar
3. No particular incentive to be bundles, no bling...just the hip factor of having it first (see Point 1).
4. No Game included.
And the biggest...
5. Paid online gaming !!!!! WHAAAAAAA...????
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Re: Nintendo Switch: The All Purpose Topic

Postby Omenix » Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:46 pm

You are better off waiting for it. There will be sales and bundles later on, and unless there are games you desperately need on launch day there's no advantage to getting it so early. The thing that pushes me away is the price. It's $470 here which is way too much considering there are no games included, so if I even want to use it I'll need to pay more, money which I simply don't have. The currently revealed games don't wow me. When I do eventually get a switch, yes I probably will get Mario Oddysey and Splatoon 2 and Breath of the Wild, but none of these games sell the comsole for me. Supposedly there will be "Pokemon Stars" at E3, which , if true, would sell the console to me. By that time, hopefully, some bundles or sales will be available to lessen the blow.
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Re: Nintendo Switch: The All Purpose Topic

Postby Orion's Islands » Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:40 pm

Yeah...that seems to be the lay of the land here.

My new dillema revolves around the online gaming. I may have been living uder a Nintendo rock with the Wii and the WiiU, but I didn't realize that XBox and PlayStation were charging for online play.
So now to the problem...we have Splatoon for the WiiU and its really fun. Splatoon 2 would be a likely purchase but now the online cost would have to be paid. Take THAT you pesky budget!
I find it annoying. Now anytime I see Online Play advertised as a cool game feature, I am gonna classify it in my head as not part of the reason I buy the game. Its now going to sit in the continuously paid extra catagory. Im already paying for internet access so I feel like Im paying them to just do their damn job.
I could perhaps see paying for online access for a game like Splatoon 2 one year after purchase.
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Re: Nintendo Switch: The All Purpose Topic

Postby Orion's Islands » Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:53 pm

On a side note, I looked up all the Switch games available for pre-order on the Gamestop Website.
Imaginators came up and I saw this interesting tidbit in the game description section:

Now play Skylanders Imaginators anytime and anywhere on the Nintendo Switch gaming system.
Embark on an Epic New Adventure
Use the Imaginite Creation Crystals to Create Your Own Skylanders
Sensei Skylanders are the Ultimate Masters of the Almighty Sky-Chi Powers
Battle to Save Skylands with the Sensei and Imaginator Skylanders
Use 10 Different Battle Class Types to Defeat Kaos and his Minions
Conquer All-New Side quests & Mini-games
Infinite Possibilities to Create with the Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack:
Skylanders Imaginators Video Game
2 Skylanders Sensei Figures - Master King Pen and Golden Queen
1 Imaginite Creation Crystal - Fire Creation Crystal
1 Sticker Sheet
Collection Poster featuring the complete set of Skylanders Imaginator Figures

*Some in-game toy functionality may vary. Race mode not available and Traps do not work in this version of the Skylanders Imaginators video game.

Interesting...not earthshattering but disappointing.
I'm guessing the traps are just a sensor compatability issue. But the racing may be a programming issue. Including it might have meant having to go back and reconfigure not just Imaginators but pretty much the heart of Superchargers as well.
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